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Getting to know - Vanessa

Where are you from?

Vancouver, BC Describe your first experience in the food and beverage industry: When I was 17 I started working at a restaurant in Kerrisdale called the Red Onion, which was a staple for the local community. I started working as a dishwasher as well as doing food prep and worked my way up to front of house. It was their motto that you needed to learn the heart of the business first.

How did you end up with WC? I saw a job posted online. I had been working in the wine industry, had many years of experience in catering and front of house operations, and thought I'd be a perfect fit for the company.

What is your favourite dish on the WC menu (past or present)? The pan seared halibut from our chef seasonal feast dinner menu is delicious! Or the cheese board, I love the cheese board!

What is your most memorable moment with WC? It has to be catering an event on a glacier and having to be flown in by helicopter.

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