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Updated: Oct 27, 2017

Over the years, living in our incredible community of Whistler, we have had the privilege of serving many awesome customers. Today I wanted to share with you, one in particular, our “star” customer Tanya Goertzen.

Over the past 17 year Tanya has supported our catering company, purchased our Whistler Cook’s sauces for her store, The Upper Village Market, and now has become one of the most regular customers coming through the doors at Hunter Gather.

When Grant and I envisioned our village location one of our number one goals was to create a space where people ‘come together’. Tanya has completely embraced this and is always bringing in her family, all her buddies and the awesome PAC moms to eat & enjoy craft beers & wine. To top it off Tanya continually likes us on FB and shares her delightful foodie comments.

What makes Tanya so close to our hearts….

She is extremely down to earth & honest, family driven, volunteers crazy amounts of hours, loves camping and getting outdoors and has a taste & passion for sour beer.Tanya if you are reading this we want to say “thanks, thanks , thanks”, you are amazing, we are honoured and blessed to have you as a customer (and mostly my good friend)!

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May 18, 2018

Applause for loyal customers including Tanya, bringing her family was a graceful act which made everyone love her the most. To find more about what Tanya did, visit the blog Free Food catering.

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