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April 25 - A Delightful Day

By Hilarie

Waking up early, writing in my journal, yoga, it could be the start to a perfect day. Seeing the awesome weather forecast got me out for a run, and I'm so glad I did. As the sun was just rising up over Black Tusk my family wakes up and there's happy moods all around seeing clear blue skies.

Grant and I go off to work. A quick stop at the Whistler Cooks office to check in, everyone rejoicing over the weather and shedding the heavy winter clothes for shorts and summer wear (it’s still April, but no one can help themselves).

Grant and I hit the road and head to an event in Vancouver - The Where Restaurant Awards.

On our way, Grant (volunteer extraordinaire!) fits in a Community Futures meeting.

Back on the road again we chat about what the Where Magazine event might be, as we really have no idea?? We have never actually advertised in the magazine and yet they have done a beautifully written feature on Hunter Gather, as well as inviting us to join them because we are nominees for a readers choice award. We are very curious indeed.

With no expectations, we arrive at the Parq Hotel (extremely hip and quite modern). The event is being hosted in the new ‘D6’ Lounge. As soon as we arrive we know we are in for a real treat. We are greeted by the happy, awesome and welcoming team of Where Mag. We can see all the names of restaurants that have been nominated, which are the top of the top for the Vancouver food scene. Grant and I are in ‘awe’.

The room is a buzz with celebrity chefs, cool restaurant folks, food stations, wine, beer & drinks galore! A little time to socialize and the awards begin. As the names of so many restaurants we admire are being called out, we can’t help but be humbled.

When ‘Hunter Gather’ was announced as the Reader’s Choice for being voted Whistler’s Best New Restaurant, Grant and I were blown way, this was so unexpected! We believe in our team, love what we do and are thrilled to share our passion with our customers. What an honor to receive this award, we are so grateful and touched!

Our daughter Hannah joined us (luckily, she became our designated driver) and we head off to Osteria Savio Volpe (they also won a readers choice award). Their restaurant was an inspiration when we were designing Hunter Gather.

After that, a quick stop at Earnest Ice Cream, yummmm.

Perhaps the most magical part of the day was our journey home up the Sea to Sky. The sun was setting over the mountains and Howe Sound. we were able to reflect on the day, feeling so grateful and knowing we were heading home to the best place on earth.

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