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The Best Wedding Venues in Whistler (in my opinion)

By Hilarie...

Whistler wedding
Grant and Hilarie Wedding Day

Grant and my wedding anniversary is coming up in a few weeks, reflecting back on the day brings a lot of joy, wonderful memories and gratitude for our family and friends sharing the day.

We chose to have our wedding here at home in Whistler (our fav place on earth). At the time Grant was working part time at the Edgewater Lodge. The owner Jay very kindly gave us a deal on the space. The menu & team were a perfect fit and the place held a special place in our hearts. Unfortunately it’s no longer there, but it was incredibly beautiful with windows looking onto Green Lake and mountains in the background. The menu was thoughtful and delicious.

I believe that the best wedding venue is one which connects with you.

Here are a few of my top choices for wedding venues in the area…..

  • A Backyard Wedding - Intimate and connects with family and place

  • The SLCC - Beautiful patio, traditional indoor space with incredible First Nations Art to showcase to your visiting guests.

  • The Barn at Canadian Wilderness - Rustic, fun and casual. BBQ, fire pit, axe throwing and gun shooting!

  • The Audain Art Museum - Stunning architecturally designed space and world class art work.

  • Tented beside a local lake - being outdoors allows for that connection to nature.

  • Whistler Olympic Park - Fabulous lodge in the Callaghan Valley - private and casual.

  • Anywhere up in Pemberton Meadows, the views, the open space, the sky!

  • Hunter Gather Eatery & Taphouse - why not, super fun, tasty, casual and easy.

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