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HUNTER GATHER - What's in a Name?

Updated: Aug 25, 2017

By Hilarie

Born out of the spirit behind WHISTLER COOKS, HUNTER GATHER opened it's doors in 2017, as a place to share stories, eat locally made food and enjoy awesome craft beer and wine. 

Our hope is that in collaboration with a network of local producers and dedicated team, you too will find a place that pairs perfectly with your zest for the mountain lifestyle.

Lots of folks are asking so why ‘HUNTER GATHER’?

The first name (not to be mentioned) Grant and I came up with was unacceptable by the powers that be. We, of course, were devastated but got over it. With opening just a short distance away our branding guys, Don & Peter stepped to the plate and said “no worries, we’ve got it covered”. True to their word they presented Grant and I with 4 new name options. When we saw HUNTER GATHER we both knew that was it! What first caught my attention were the initials H&G (haha, Hilarie & Grant) and I think for Grant, my big meat eater, ‘Hunter’ was perfect. ‘Gather’ not only resonated with the idea of veggies (our daughter Hannah is vegan and I don’t eat meat), but with the idea of a place where people ‘come together’.

The dictionary term for “hunter-gatherer”;

defined as a human living in a society in which most or all food is obtained

by foraging (collecting wild plants and pursuing wild animals).

Our name Hunter Gather:


• carefully sourced ingredients

• local seasonal harvest

• crafted here in Whistler


• bringing people together

• sharing our food and beer offerings

• highly social; celebratory

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