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Last Minute Catering...No Problem!

A lot of people can spend weeks, months or even years planning an event and the catering for it, especially when it comes to large scale events like weddings, and corporate parties. We love catering these events - the time spent planning and all of the energy and logistics that goes into them.

But what happens when things don’t go to plan? An event comes up last minute, you have surprise guests or even when you just don’t feel like cooking. Here’s where we can help!

We’ve been in this industry a long time; we have a fantastic team and a great work space where we can pull off last minute catering orders with ease...even the day before the event. We take pride in being YES people!!

It can be overwhelming, but as experienced caterers we have a few tricks up our sleeve and know what menu items we can provide at short notice you with that will impress and wow your guests. Not to mention give you a hassle free experience.

Check out all of our menus here or contact the sales team at or call on 604 938 8835 to see what we can do for you! Your guests won’t even know you were caught by surprise.

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