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License to Grill

Picture this - It's a Saturday and it's your turn to host the neighbors and the entire block is due to arrive any minute. You should be running in circles right now, worrying if you have enough propane in the tank, are there is enough plates and napkins for everyone, should you have got that extra tub of potato salad...just in case? But instead, the sun is shining, there's a cold drink in your hand, and you're sitting back and enjoying the conversation by the edge of the pool.

How is this possible you ask? We can take care of everything - from the food to the BBQ rental and a personal grill master for your event. We can do it all in a Classic Canadian BBQ kind of way.

For your next family reunion/ surprise party/ sunny day extravaganza, enjoy every second you can with your guests and give us a call or email us at and we will handle the rest.

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