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Pulled Pork – A Love Story

Updated: Feb 23, 2018

Before moving to Whistler in 2014 I had never eaten pulled pork before, I didn’t even know it was a thing. Maybe it always was and I had just never come across it in the UK or maybe it had just never been on my radar before.

Then there I was at a pot luck dinner within weeks of arriving in Canada and a long way from home experiencing a sweet, tangy melt in your mouth deliciousness that I’d never come across before and instantly I was hooked!

Four years later and I cannot seem to go into a restaurant with pulled pork on the menu without ordering it, now imagine how incredible it was when I started working for Whistler Cooks and I found out that it was sometimes on the menu at lunch. I am always excited by lunch here, it’s always amazing, but its extra amazing when its pulled pork day (or lasagna day).

Always on the Menu

In Whistler you have 3 ways in which to sample our mouth watering pulled pork, it’s on the menu at our restaurant Hunter Gather, at the cafe at Whistler Olympic Park and it’s also on both our catering menu and our meals to go menu. There’s definitely never a shortage of pulled pork at Whistler Cooks.

Locally Sourced

It also helps to know that we source as much of our pork from BC Pork as we can, as a company we try to source as many supplies and ingredients as local as possible, it’s one of the things I love about working for Whistler Cooks. Not only are we supporting the local community and businesses, but we know exactly where everything comes, what the quality of the food and how fresh it all is.

By Sarah

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