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Every wedding is unique and no two couples are the same, Each great wedding usually has a theme, whether that's the colour scheme or even just the style of the wedding itself.

Over the years we've figured out that for us, there's 4 main styles of weddings (and couples) that happen here in Whistler. With different menus to suit each style we can help you design your perfect wedding menu.

Cabin Couple

"Our friends are so wild we probably shouldn't be anywhere within cell reception or the general population. Just give us the food and we'll head into the mountains to party safer for everyone this way."

DIY Couple

"We're super casual and planning a backyard wedding! Just set up the buffet and show Aunt Eunice where the back-up salads are - she can take it from there. We've been stock-piling alcohol for this party, so will manage the bar side of things"

BYOB Couple

"Cousin Bob has always been a little too intense for me, but... he's also a pro bartender and has agreed to take care of our entire bar: Special Occasion License, purchasing liquor/ ice/mix, enlisting friends to help him serve and clear glassware, renting the glassware, etc.. We only need Whistler Cooks to come and serve the food and provide the water service"

Hands Free Couple

"Our only wedding day priority is making sure Grandma doesn't find out about Uncle Frank's massive dragon tattoo. We want Whistler Cooks to manage all of the food and beverage; top to bottom"

With almost 20 years of experience catering weddings in the Sea to Sky corridor we know how to create a memorable event that will keep everyone happy on the big day. We work closely with each couple to ensure a great start to their happy ever after.

Request your wedding quote now.

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