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Ain’t no party like a cocktail party!

Cocktail parties are some of our favourite kinds of events (to cater for and attend), they’re a fun, social gathering where you can mingle, dine and drink with old friends, family, colleagues and strangers (soon to be new friends by the end of the evening)!

A cocktail menu of canapés and platters is the most flexible option that can work for almost every type of catered event from office parties, to open houses and family reunions. Simple food allows the guests to graze throughout the event as they feel the need, from the moment they walk in the door, to the time they reluctantly say good night.

Our wide selection of sweet and savoury canapés brings together the freshest and best ingredients in layers of simple yet sophisticated flavours to satisfy every palate and treat guests to something special.

When planning the perfect party here are our top tips:

  • Decide if you want the food to be a complete meal or light snacks. We can help you figure out the perfect amount to make sure your guests don’t get ‘hangry’

  • Make 25% of your menu meatless. This is not only great for the vegetarians, but it also adds variety for the rest of the guests.

  • The perfect day for a cocktail party is the weekend. Since your guests will probably be drinking, they can rest the day after.

  • ·Choose biodegradable plate ware for your party to make the cleanup quick and simple.

By having someone cater the party, it means as the host, you get to relax and have fun and all you need to do is make sure that the drinks and stories continue to flow.

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