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Après Ever After

Après… A five-letter word that excites so many skiers and snowboarders after a day on the slopes. Whether it was a good day, or a bad day, a park day or a pow day. If you hiked out somewhere to earn your turns or you spent the day on the bunny slopes trying to learn your turns… Its all about the après!!!

There's over 1,000 ski resorts in the world, just think about how many people Après after one full day on this earth, its a lot to get your head around, all I know is that's a lot of beer! Now mind you, it may not be the best beer some times. And the beer may be drank out of a ski or snowboard boot, but there is just something about beer that makes it the perfect celebratory end to a day sliding on the snow.

I don’t know about you, but when I get down from of the hill, that first sip of beer really makes me understand why people call it liquid gold. After only what I thought was a sip, I look down at my glass and realize that I have almost finished my first pint… Time for a pitcher I guess. Stories about that day’s adventures start to flow from friends to strangers and said strangers then become friends. The sun sets behind the peaks and the alpenglow shines brighter and more beautiful than any sunset.

The music is playing, the boots are stomping and next thing you know you are catching the bus home at 2 in the morning. You still have your gear on; helmet, goggles, boots and all. Chants of “First chair, Last call” being shouted out by you and your friends. Après is something that you don’t want to end, but it is also a reason to get up tomorrow and do it all again.

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