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Just Beer It!

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

As I have been getting more and more into the beer world I have had some very interesting conversations about it. I like to get people’s feelings, likes, dislikes and recommendations. You can imagine my surprise when I bring beer up to an acquaintance and hear back “oh, I don’t like beer”. I am always slightly taken aback by this response and caught off guard, I cannot understand it. Is it like my distaste for olives? But in saying that like me with olives, do these people keep trying beer or have they given up on them forever and is this monumental decision based on a bad experience in their teenage years?

I give olives a chance every time I am around them, just on the off chance that this is the time that I will now like olives. I really want to like those olives! Because those that love olives, really love them, but alas, that day has not come yet.

When I have someone come in and sit at the bar and day the line “Oh, I don’t drink beer, it tastes like dirty water (yes, someone actually said that), I feel like i have to do something to save this poor soul. With so many different varieties of this elixir of liquid gold, I know there is one beer out there for everyone, like a beer soul mate. I know there are more beers than olives...that’s for sure.

All I am saying is when you sit at a bar and the bartender ask you if you would like a beer, indulge them, and let them throw a couple of samples your way . Who knows... you may discover your beer soul mate and see what you’ve been missing all along.

And that person who said beer tasted like dirty water, well she is now drinking beer on a regular basis and she seems like a much happier person. Cheers!!

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