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Looking Back, Looking Forwards

Updated: Aug 25, 2017

By Laura

Looking Back

  • Tough Mudder - finally a Tough Mudder Saturday that didn't rain!! Cold but dry - the competitors couldn't get enough of our hot burgers and smokies!

  • BCBR - the food was so well received and appreciated by the hungry riders

  • Hugely successful Ironman event, with one of our own team members competing

  • Really enjoyed the different weddings this year; from the Canadian barn, Pemberton Meadows and beautiful Whistler private homes

  • Building an exciting partnership with Blackcomb Helicopters; 5 heli events so far this year, this can really showcase the breathtaking views that Whistler has to offer, with the added bonus of bubbles and canapes and tasty treats on top of a glacier.

Looking Forwards

  • Looking forward to a busy first half of September; BC Wood at the Audain, Gran Fondo with 4000 riders

  • Looking forward to catering the Ultramarathon for the second year, watching these truly amazing athletes run 50 miles

  • Looking forward to Whistler Cooks and Hunter Gather showcasing themselves at three unique events at Cornucopia 

  • Looking forward to another busy Winter, partnering with WSL (Whistler Sports Legacies) at WOP (Whistler Olympic Park)

  • Looking forward to strengthening Whistler Cooks presence in the Village as our new restaurant just gets busier and busier

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