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Me and Beer

By Gunner

Do you remember your first sip of beer? I do. An ice cold Heineken on the deck at

the cottage from my father when I was around 13, as my mother gave us both

disapproving eyes…. It was just a sip though. Now most people I know say they

didn’t like the taste of beer when they first drank it, not this guy though. This is not

saying that I loved it, more like I understood why people liked it.

Since that first sip, there have been many phases of beer drinking. I went through the

“drink whatever beer was in front of you” phase before becoming legal drinking age (stupid Old English 800). Of course there was the “early years of legal beer drinking”

phase, which normally involved whatever was cheapest and easiest to get. But the

older I got, the more excited I became about new beers.

Now don’t get me wrong. The cheap beers will always have a place in my life. When

you are out camping during the hot summer months or grabbing a pitcher of

whatever’s on special after a sweet day of shredding during the winter. But nothing

can really compare to a good, quality beer. Quality is key, no matter what kind of

beer it is.

To me that quality beer is one that you don’t want to drink a bunch of. It doesn’t

even need to be cold. It just has to have a flavour that you like and understand.

Whether you pair it with a meal you are enjoying or if you grab yourself that yummy

big bottle to treat yourself at home. From sours in the summer, to dark lagers in the

winter and everything in between.

I love beer; it has been a part of many good memories in my life. I still love when I go

home and my mom comes out of her garden with a smile on her face, asking if it is

beer o’clock yet. Since I started working at Hunter Gather though, my feelings about

beer have changed. The love is still there, but a new underlying passion has risen in

me. I find myself stoked to learn as much as I can and discover new beer and new

beer styles. From a crazy barley wine to a simple lager, I have learned to appreciate

them all.

There is a movement in the beer world and I am excited to be a part of it. Meeting

fellow beer nerds at Hunter Gather and getting to share any knowledge about the

beers we offer. Learning and studying beers is a new avenue that I am really looking

forward to heading down. As Craft Beer starts to gain popularity and the market

becomes saturated in so many different kinds, I just want to help customers and

friends figure out not what is good or what is bad, just what they like.

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