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Teamwork = Dream work

As Sarah, our sales and media manager, always says: it takes teamwork to make the dream work! And it's true. Whistler Cooks is a highly efficient team of incredibly collaborative people working together. That said, sometimes we need a bit of extra help!

It takes a big team to operate a catering company and sometimes we can't quite get completely staffed without a bit of help. We very often go to our friends at Whistler Personnel Solutions to save the day (and sometimes the entire week)! This year, we're also sourcing a few additional seasonal team members from a company called Mobilize. We actually found them while toodling around on the internet (you know how that rabbit hole can go).

We're excited about using the Mobilize program for our very first time. What this company does is very similar to what many youth travel companies in the UK and Australia do , but they're keeping it (for the most part) within our beautiful country - and we're all for Canadians travelling Canada!

How it works is like this:

Young, up and coming employees reach out to Mobilize to set them up with a job placement at a resort in Canada. At the same time, businesses who require employees (usually hospitality based) are also reaching out to Mobilize for staff. Mobilize then links the two up - a match made in heaven.

As these are younger employees (think 18 year olds maybe leaving their home town for the first time), Mobilize likes to link these folks up with a pod to travel in (yes, like whales - cute right?). This also helps them to feel comfort in knowing they're not in the experience alone - that they have someone to relate to.

Some of the reasons that we're excited to share this information with you is because:

a) you may be a local employer in need of some team members

b) you may know a youth who this could work perfectly for

and c) we're just plain stoked to meet our shiny, new seasonal team members

We're expecting our 4 Mobilizer employees to arrive this month and we can't wait to show them everything Whistler has to offer. I'm sure they look forward to feeding you at one of our winter locations!

Your HR pal,


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