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The Beer Family

Updated: Nov 2, 2017

By Gunner,

One cool thing about the Hunter Gather Family is that we’re all becoming more curious about this new family we’re part of and I don’t mean the people… I’m talking about the beer family!

People I work with are beginning to ask more questions and become more interested in the beer we sell. Some folks have never imagined that they would be pouring beautiful beer out of a tap, let alone really wanting to learn about what was coming out of the tap. In the questions they ask and the research we have done together, it has really opened my eyes to how vast and complicated the beer world really is.

When you look up the Beer Family Tree online, it is amazing what you find out. You realize that it starts with your Lager and Ales and then branches off in to hundreds of different beers. All of them being able to trace their roots back to either an Ale or a Lager. With new recipes being discovered every day, you wonder where it will end.

There are new breweries creating old recipes. There old breweries creating new recipes. Recipes are getting combined to create something unique. Mistakes are being turned in to a delicious surprise. I go to the liquor store and find it hard to keep up with everything. One of the best things about it is that even though you may not like a style of beer, someone out there will make a version you will like one day.

So I say, never give up on a style of beer, just like you should never give up on family. Eventually they may surprise you and become something that you always wished it could be. And never be afraid to look into the past, find out where a beer came from. You may just find exactly what you have been looking for on the way.


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