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Weddings: from our point of view

Updated: Sep 15, 2017

It's no secret that we love to cater weddings. With each wedding, every step of the way is a fun learning experience for us; we like getting to know the couple, choreographing their best day possible and even discovering something new about what we can offer to clients.

From the initial point of contact with our Sales Team, you've already got our interest. We can only begin to imagine what your wedding looks like based on your wedding information sheet: the location, service selection and your guest numbers. So we send you a general quote in hopes that it gives you a bit of a vision as to what your meal could look like.

From a caterer's perspective, it's really fun to collaborate with the couple to build their menu. Some couples want to fill their guests to the brim with food, some may want to focus on family favourites and others are budget driven - all of these are totally do-able and give us the opportunity to get creative.

Once the menu is formed we then get into the day-of flow. We are THE BIGGEST logistics nerds you will ever find. We love figuring out the most efficient ways of doing things to make sure that everything appears seamless to the guests. We're not sure how we managed to assemble this team of Type A's, but we did and it works!

Then it's time to celebrate! You may not see it, but behind the scenes we totally fan-girl over the dresses, the cakes, the decor and even the guest's outfits. We absolutely love the magic in the little surprises that happen throughout that day too; kids laughing during ceremonies, grandparents busting moves on the dance floor and so much more!

We hope you enjoyed reading about our team's perspective on weddings! Whistler Cooks looks forward to many more!

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